Learn Brand Voice On A Legendary Level

& Become The Go-To Copywriter In Any Niche 

 Grab the workshop that fits your goals…

and decode the process that makes every voice tick

Mirror Clients’ Writing Voice

Write Like Anyone

Over these four lessons, you’ll learn how to sound like any client, even if their voice is unique.

We’ll deconstruct the science of analyzing, matching, and evolving style so you can bring your skills to bigger clients and bolder brands — and pump out near-perfect copy on the first shot.

Build Brand Voice Guides

Voice Guide Creator

Learn voice & create brand voice guides that add $2,000 – $17,000+ to any project. 

The #1 Brand Voice & Voice Guide Training. You’ll learn how to codify voice and create highly profitable guides that set the foundation for any business — and position you as an expert. 

Create A New Brand Voice & Become A Brand Voice Expert

Brand Voice Visionary

Master writing voice at an expert level and build your brand with 1:1 guidance and small group coaching.

This live 7-week version of Voice Guide Creator is the deepest brand voice & voice guide training available. You’ll have full support and mentorship as you learn how to create a new brand voice, offer new services, and we build your first guide together 

Have More Fun With Your Everyday Writing

Write More Personality-er

An utterly loveable workshop for copywriters who wish their copy was a little less Ross and lot more Joey. 

Discover 81 ways to add punch, power, and pop to your everyday writing (so it attracts more people, sells more stuff, and finally sounds as fun as you want). You’ll see all the little tricks and tips that heighten your style, without getting in the way.