Echo Every Client’s Voice So Well They’ll Hire You Again & Again

Over these four lessons, you’ll learn how to sound like any client and create brand-consistent copy, even if their voice is unique. We’ll deconstruct the science of analyzing, matching, mirroring, and evolving any style so you can bring your skills to bigger clients and bolder brands — and pump out near-perfect copy on the first shot.

…And you may just improve your own style along the way.


Write Like Anyone

If you truly want to understand writing voice, you don’t need a keyboard. You need a calculator.

Discover How To Analyze, Mirror, And Scale Any Writing Style — A Highly Desirable Skill For Top-Level Clients

THIS process is how you reduce editing time and eliminate back-and-forth feedback. THIS process is what separates you from other writers. THIS is how you erase one of the biggest concerns of upper-tier clients. In Write Like Anyone, You’ll get straight to writing on-brand without creating a voice guide deliverable.

“80% Of Business Owners Mention Voice As A Concern When Hiring Copywriters”

– Kevin Rogers

Master Voice

Discover what “voice” actually means (it’s not some woo-woo concept that can’t be learned) and why most clients cite this as the biggest failure of their copywriters. Learning this means more repeat work.


Discover The Nuances

We’ll show you how to dive deeper into voice and go beyond “intuition.” You’ll have a process for explaining voice that most writers will never imagine, whether for personal brands or corporate. 

Land More Projects

Not only will you learn how to understand and match every client, but you’ll also discover how to position your skills and services as a true expert — so you can close more deals.

“This made me $12K with more projects coming as a result. Best investment I ever made!”

Jodi Blank


Meet Your Instructors

Write Like Anyone is presented by Justin Blackman with the support of Abbey Woodcock, two of the copywriting world’s most trusted voice experts. Together, they’ve worked with industry leaders such as Ramit Sethi, Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Agora Financial, IHG Hotels, Red Bull, Bobby Klinck, Danny Iny, Mastin Kipp, and even Frank Oz (the voice of Ms. Piggy and Yoda).

Justin Blackman

Justin Blackman

The Brand Ventriloquist®

Abbey Woodcock

Abbey Woodcock

Guest Presenter: On Client Acquisition



Daniel Throssell

Daniel Throssell

Guest Presenter: On Using Characters & Humor

Angie Colee

Guest Presenter: On Copy Chiefing & Running Writing Teams

I’m barely 25 minutes in and I already have 2 pages of notes. Wow, man, just wow. I’m so freaking excited to have this skill!!

Michael Rochin

Copywriter & Editor

You’re Not Still Relying On “Intuition” For Voice, Are You?

That doesn’t cut it with upper-tier clients. Not only will this process make you write more authentically, you’ll learn how to position your skills as a proven and repeatable system… Exactly like bigger clients demand.

If you want to write in the various voices of your clients, you need Justin in your corner.

He has the tools, insights and advice you need to write in ANY voice. He’s a total nerd about this stuff. Actually, he’s a total nerd about most stuff. But this is what he does best.”

Rob Marsh

Co-Founder, The Copywriter Club

No More Fluffy Definitions Around Voice

In just a few short hours, you’ll discover the night-and-day difference between “having a feel” for voice vs. having a deliberate, measurable process…

And you’ll be the expert who lays the foundation for all your clients’ future content.


Join now to pull back the curtain on:

Understanding what voice truly is (and why most writers get it wrong)

– Measuring voice with a process (so you can identify and mirror any style)

– Distilling the nine voice types (and knowing what characteristics to spotlight)

– Positioning your voice skill as a superpower (so you can differentiate yourself from the pack)

– Becoming crystal clear on your own writing voice (then adjusting it to match your client’s style)

– Approaching bigger clients confidently (because you have a plan to stand out)

Knowing the right questions to ask for better feedback (so you know what to adjust moving forward)

– Bringing copy to life by cranking up the three elements of voice (without making your client sound like a caricature of themselves)

– Using worksheets and tools to measure your copy (and confirm it’s right before you submit it)

Ensuring you have the right voice (before you ever write your first word) 

 ..And delivering on your promise to truly “get” your client better than any writer has before.

You’ll even have live Zoom access to Justin during monthly Office Hours. 


BONUS – Join now and Hear What Copy Chiefs REALLY Look For When They Hire — and hone your pitch to land more projects

Take your skills even further with 4 additional trainings & AMA sessions

Your dashboard Includes:

– Pitch With Power: See how to demonstrate your skills on sales calls

– Abbey Woodcock: on what she looks for when she builds a writing team

– Angie Colee: on what it takes to write for a big name client, what to expect when you land the gig, and how she keeps the brand voice alive

– Daniel Throssell: on the importance of voice and differentiating yourself in a direct response world

– Live Monthly Office Hours with Justin Blackman: Join us for 60-minute Ask Me Anything sessions for all your questions about voice, writing, clients, services, positioning, or any unique situation you’re facing. Recordings are in your dashboard.

    This made me look VERY good in front of my client. I’m asking questions nobody has asked them before and they’re really excited about the whole process.”

    Esai Arasi

    Social Media Manager & Copywriter

    Choose the option that works best for you

    Write Like Anyone

    1 Payment of $597


    Write Like Anyone

    2 Monthly Payments of $299


    A few clients we’ve worked with…

    Ramit Sethi | Jeff Walker | Amy Porterfield | Stu McLaren | Hayley Hobson

    Ramit Sethi
    Jeff Walker
    Amy Porterfield
    Stu McLaren
    Hayley Hobson

    “It’s an awesome system.

    And for lots of clients with personal brands and followings, their #1 concern is NOT price (they have money)… it’s finding a writer who can nail their voice. It’s an awesome competitive advantage.

    The course is not just info either, it’s a repeatable, predictable system. It takes all the mystery out of breaking down and writing in someone else’s voice… and I think it even helped with understanding my own voice for my own writing.” 

    Chris Orzechowski

    The Email Copywriter

    Master Voice (Without Creating Voice Guides)

    We get it. Voice Guides aren’t for everyone.

    This subset of Voice Guide Creator (formerly The Codex Persona Workshop) teaches you our voice analysis process — without the voice guide deliverable.  

    You’ll learn the exact process Justin and Abbey use to codify and replicate every client — and deploy our technique to write truly authentic copy for anyone (without creating a voice guide).

    If you need to create a voice guide later, upgrade to Voice Guide Creator. Your enrollment carries over and you’ll only pay the difference. 


    Voice Guide Creator is always open and you can join at any time.

    Brand Voice Visionary Live (the live done-with-you version) runs every April & October.

      Voice Guide Academy

      Ready To Nail Your Next Project?

      Choose the plan that works best for you

      Write Like Anyone

      1 Payment of $597


      Write Like Anyone

      2 Monthly Payments of $299


      "I love the voice types infographic that helps you plot the type of voice based on vocabulary and cadence."

       This tool alone helped me better understand that there’s nothing random about brand voice.

      -Liz Green

      "I'm halfway through and I feel like I have a new superpower."

      It’s like an invisibility cloak for copywriters… I’ve got the powers (aka tools) to literally write like anyone. For all these years I’ve been wandering around in the dark… feeling my way through voice and tone. But now you’ve tuned on a light… I feel really confident.

      -Nikita Morell


      "Just wanted to say how much I'm LOVING Write Like Anyone"

      I have a retainer client that I’m working with and they absolutely have loved the expertise I’ve been able to bring their projects lately.

      -Sarah Talbert

      "If you're writing for personal brands or people who get touchy about their voice... "

      You’re doing yourself a disservice by NOT buying Write Like Anyone.

      -Bilal Ahmed


      "That was immense, fella"

      Really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to dig in more. Just wanted to say a huge thanks, sincerely.

      -Martin Pritchard

      "It was fantastic and full of value for a reasonable price"

      -Juliana Fletcher

      "This process transformed the way I measure and analyse voice."

      Now I have a rare skill that sets me apart form 99% of marketers — and directly impacts the amount I can charge for every project… Learning from Justin was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made.

      -Brandon Burton

      What's the difference between Write Like Anyone and Voice Guide Creator?

      Write Like Anyone is a subset of Voice Guide Creator (formerly Codex Persona). You’ll learn how to analyze and mirror any voice, without creating brand voice guides. Voice Guide Creator includes additional sections about creating and selling a brand voice guide deliverable. 

      Can I upgrade to Voice Guide Creator after I finish this workshop?

      Yes! You can easily upgrade with exclusive links in your dashboard to learn our voice guide process and get the templates.

      And because this is a sub-section of Voice Guide Creator, your purchase carries over and you’ll only pay the difference.

      Is this different from your Copyhackers presentation, Master Of Brand Voice?

      While there is some overlap, Write Like Anyone goes much deeper on techniques and execution. Copy School alumni agree the additional lessons here are more than enough to distinguish it.

      Will this help also me write for corporate brands?

      Yes! While the process was originally conceived for personal brands, the frameworks and tools easily apply across every type of business.

      It absolutely works for both corporate and personal brands.

      How long is the workshop?

      There’s 3 hours and 45 minutes of essential content. Watch at 1.5x speed and you’ll learn the major components in 2.5 hours.

      Office hours, bonus content, and miscellaneous surprises will keep on growing. 😉

      How are the lessons presented?

      All the lessons are pre-recorded videos split into binge-sized bites, complete with captions. Downloads and links are below each section.

      Office Hours are live on Zoom and recordings are uploaded to your dashboard shortly after each call.

      Is additional support available?

      Yes! You’ll have live access to Justin during monthly Office Hours where you can ask questions about your specific projects and get any support you need.

      Can’t make the call? Submit your questions ahead of time. We’re very responsive.

      If you have additional questions, please email

      “I feel more confident about my abilities and I love having all the technical info that I can pass on to the client where appropriate to explain why I’ve written their copy the way I have, or why I’ve suggested certain changes when I’m editing their content.”

      Stacey King

      Copywriter & Editor