Where Copywriters Become True Brand Voice Experts

Master Writing Voice At An Expert Level With 1:1 Guidance And Small Group Coaching

This live 7-week worskhop is the deepest brand voice & voice guide training available — complete with custom support, additional templates, multiple examples, and personalized mentorship as we create your new offer and build your first voice guide together 


Next workshop begins enrolling mid October

*Formerly Codex Academy

Brand Voice Visionary

A Live, Small-Group Training For Copywriters & Teams Looking To Make Voice “Their Thing”

…And Become The Go-To Experts In Their Niche 

This 7-week workshop gives you unparalleled access to everything voice, including all our other workshops and resources you won’t find anywhere else (like Justin and Abbey’s private stash of brand guides and personal templates.)

You’ll graduate with everything you need to create a perfect brand voice and next-level voice guides worth several thousand dollars.

Voice & Voice Guide Certification With More Support Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Custom Paths & Guidance

We’ll personalize your 1:1 calls to create guides and processes that work with your business. You’ll leave with new frameworks and offers that fit into whatever stage of business you’re in.

Brand Voice Expert Certification

You’ll have access to every workshop in Brand Voice Academy, plus private calls, office hours, an exclusive group with BVV alumni, 1:1 support, and certification upon completion.

Build A Voice Guide Together

We’ll create your first voice guide together to ensure you absolutely nail it. You’ll have extreme confidence that you’re charging appropriately, acing it, and (over) delivering as promised. 

“Justin is an incredibly devoted teacher of voice. His generosity is out of this world “

Katie Pannell


A Process You Can Sell Again And Again…

In less than five months, I’ve sold THREE brand voice guides at rates I’m happy with. The way they teach how to position them has made selling it a no-brainer. And the best part is… I finally have an offer that’s not deeply tiring, so my workload has balanced out. Plus, Justin is so generous with his time, process, and knowledge. Highly recommend!

Kaleena Stroud


Get Paid To Learn Your Clients’ Voice

This process shows you how to document, codify, and scale any client’s writing style so you can create better copy and package your research as a product you can sell… with one-on-one support and all the guidance you could ever ask for.

I sold my first super short voice guide (a 5-pager) to a client for $3,200. I documented their voice as I went through the program and sold it to them with the one simple question Justin taught us to ask. The whole thing took 5 hours and it changed their entire content process.

They couldn’t thank me enough!”

Ivan Srsen

Content & Copywriter

Brand Voice Visionary Changes Your Future 

Make clients feel seen, create new offers, and uncover every secret to overcoming clients’ number one objection when hiring new copywriters.


Brand Voice Visionary truly provided the missing piece in my copywriting arsenal.

Learning the 9 Voice Types from Justin gave me the edge to close much higher projects faster and deliver projects with a much more refined style. If you want to close high 4- and 5-figure projects without breaking a sweat, and you’ve already taken all the copy courses on the market, give yourself the gift of mastering brand voice inside BVV. Your clients (and your bank account) will thank you.

Jackie Sunga

Brand Voice & Sales Copywriter

Over 7 Weeks, You’ll Master Voice (without overwhelming your schedule)

Here’s what’s included:

    • 7+ hours of live voice training (slides, links, and replays of every video are included)
    • 5+ Group calls to learn both Abbey’s & Justin’s methods for voice analysis
    • 3+ Private 1:1 calls where we’ll build out your guide and overcome any obstacles together
    • Private group where you can chat with us and other voice experts to collaborate and review projects
    • Justin’s Brand Ventriloquist® Voice Guide template you can customize for any client (not available anywhere else!)
    • 300+ ways to describe your client’s voice and how to zero in on the only ones you need
    • Secret swipe file with links to lesser-known tools, resources, and style guides
    • Scripts for pitching and positioning voice guides to potential clients and ways to overcome objections
    • Ongoing monthly office hours for ongoing support and specific questions
    • Essential questions to ask for better feedback (both before the project starts and during the edit phase)
    • Sample Codex Persona voice guides (plus multiple voice guides from completely different industries)
    • Scoring Rubrics you can use to evaluate any type of copy, including content and sales pages
    • The Voice Toolkit (this is all the software we use to make sure you’re nailing voice every time)
    • Sample proposals and conversations to package and sell the Codex as a service
    • New Brand Voice Builder Templates so you can create a new voice from scratch
    • Ongoing access with 6 months to schedule your 1:1 calls plus lifetime access to the course, team, and community

Plus everything in Voice Guide Creator & Write Like Anyone!!!

    • How to use artificial intelligence to analyze writing
    • The 3 Elements of Voice and how, like a DJ, adjusting the levels produces a completely different sound 
    • 9 Voice Types and video examples of each in action
    • Your clients’ “Kernel Content” (this critical element of their body of work is almost always overlooked — I’ll show you what it is and how to find it)
    • The one book all journalists use and how it shapes voice
    • 6 key sections of The Codex Persona and how to develop them
    • 2 worksheets you can swipe and deploy instantly to get (and track) better feedback
    • How to package and pitch the Codex (we cover how to sell it if you’re an in-house writer, as an add-on service to a bigger project, and as a standalone offer)
    • Why traditional pricing models don’t work for the Codex and what to do instead
    • How to provide maximum value and warrant maximum prices (I’ll break down an actual $20,000 Codex Proposal and even let you steal it)

...With live monthly office hours and guest presentations by Angie Colee, Daniel Throssell, and Abbey Woodcock

B Grover testimonial

Learn From The Top Voices In Voice

Brand Voice Visionary is presented by Justin Blackman with the support of Abbey Woodcock, two of the copywriting world’s most trusted voice experts. Together, they’ve worked with industry leaders such as Ramit Sethi, Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Amy Porterfield, Ashlyn Carter, Todd Herman, Oonagh Duncan, Agora Financial, IHG Hotels, Kajabi, Red Bull, Bobby Klinck, Danny Iny, Mastin Kipp, and even Frank Oz (the voice of Ms. Piggy and Yoda)

Justin Blackman

Justin Blackman

Goes Deeper On Brand Voice Than Anyone Ever Should

Abbey Woodcock

Abbey Woodcock

The O.G. Of Writing Voice Analysis

…Plus a few surprise guests along the way

A few clients we’ve worked with…

Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi

Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield

Stu McLaren

Stu McLaren

Hayley Hobson

Hayley Hobson

“Brand Voice Visionary really opened my eyes to those little intricacies of voice that most writers don’t see.

I have gone through the course three times already and I’m still learning.”

Nicole Kolesar

Saas Copywriter & Content Strategist

Justin is my voice-Yoda.

As a personal brand copywriter, I’d found plenty of mentors for conversion copy – but there was one piece missing in my skillset that always evaded me: VOICE.

When I found Justin, sing the angels did. I mentored under him to study voice and learn about his sought-after Brand Ventriloquist voice guides. The confidence I found in defining my own voice and having a process to define my clients’ voices helped me grow my business at force speed.

I’ve closed $350K+ in revenue over the past 12 months because I’m one of very few copywriters who understand personal brand voice.”

Julie Cabezas

Copywriter to the (online) stars

Brand Voice Visionary Is A 7-Week Mentorship In Everything Voice

You’ll be taken under our wing and shown everything we know about voice. You’ll see what happens behind the curtain of copy teams, hear what’s working for other BVV students and alumni, and get personal instruction on how to incorporate brand voice services into your existing offers.

No two students are identical and we’ll customize the program to fit your needs, your style, your brand, and your goals.

BVV includes one-on-one guidance from Justin and guest experts where you can ask us anything and we’ll help you close your first deal and deliver your first project… so you truly stand out from the copywriter competition.



Upon completion of BVV and your calls, you’ll receive a special Brand Voice Academy Expert Certification Badge.

You’ll also join our private short list for job leads, project referrals, recommendations, and partnerships.

While we can’t guarantee additional work, BVV grads are the only people we recommend for jobs. 


Brand Voice Visionary

“I’ve already created 3 guides and my clients have been astonished at how true to their voice and values it felt… Justin is a fantastic teacher – incredibly giving of his time and his experience. There were no questions he wouldn’t answer – he allowed us to pick his brains on strategy, pricing, how to increase value, and how to find clients. If you’re on the fence about taking this course – do it! You won’t regret it.”

Gillian Hill

Copywriter, Editor, and Brand Voice Strategist

Take Your Voice Mastery (And Revenue Per Project) To The Next Level

Join Brand Voice Visionary Today!

Now includes Write Like Anyone & Voice Guide Creator!

Brand Voice Visionary


Once you enroll, you’ll receive 7+ group calls and 2+ private 1:1 calls where we’ll build your guide together and absolutely nail your first project. Enrollment also includes free access to Write Like Anyone & Voice Guide Creator


"This process transformed the way I measure and analyse voice."

Now I have a rare skill that sets me apart form 99% of marketers — and directly impacts the amount I can charge for every project… Learning from Justin was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made.”

-Brandon Burton

"I've written brand voice guides before and they were solid, but taking Codex Academy helped me take them to an entirely new level"

I now feel confident that I can break down someone else’s voice in a way that someone else can replicate it. That’s a HUGE value for a certain kind of client and it’s a really specialized service I’m excited to promote more. It complements my website copy services perfectly”

-Erika Holmes


"Codex Academy immediately positions you as an expert."

One of the biggest objections clients have about working with copywriters is the fear that the writer won’t capture their voice. Or they’re worried everything will be written as “Hey, Girl Wassupp?!”. Telling clients I am a certified voice expert and that I have a process to capture their voice INSTANTLY tackles that objection. It’s a great add-on to copywriting packages. Clients are delighted to see what voice type they are, and it instantly positions you as an expert and they trust you even more. Great ROI with this course

-Kim Kiel

"Confidence, no question."

I love talking about the “why” behind words, both internally at my agency and with clients. The more understanding they have, the easier it is to sell in different approaches.

Adding voice to the mix, it’s one more way for us to prove our worth.

-Matt Cascarino

"I just sold my first brand voice guide!!!"

The sales call I had before your “Ask Me Anything” just emailed with a “let’s go!” I’m sooo excited and appreciative of your time and energy for us. Codex Academy is changing the course of my business and I’m so thankful to have learned from  you.”

-Sandra Kaye

"I just bagged a retainer client in the eCommerce / health and performance space because I nailed their quirky TOV!"

-Isabel Järnström

Maybe you’re wondering…

What's the difference between Voice Guide Creator and Brand Voice Visionary?

Brand Voice Visionary is a live, done-with-you version of Voice Guide Creator. We’ll go deeper into brand nuances, break down more examples, review additional brand voice guides, and we’ll build out your first guide together.

I can even help you close your first sale.

Brand Voice Visionary also includes certification after you finish the course and your calls.  

When does Brand Voice Visionary Live run?

Brand Voice Visionary Live runs every April and October. 

Doors open the month prior and there are 20 seats available. (All previous sessions have sold out.)

Does this include your other workshops?

Yes! Brand Voice Visionary Live includes Voice Guide Creator and Write Like Anyone… plus a few other surprise goodies wink.

Is this the same as Codex Academy?


Same workshop, new name.

Is this different from your Copyhackers presentation, Master Of Brand Voice?


While there is some overlap, Brand Voice Visionary Live goes much deeper on techniques and execution, and it includes voice guide creation.

Will this help also me write for corporate brands?

Yes! While the process was originally conceived for personal brands, the frameworks and tools easily apply across every type of business.

It absolutely works for both corporate and personal brands. 

How long is the workshop?

There are 7 weeks of live presentation calls ranging from 60-90 minutes each week. We’ll also have optional office hours (60 minutes) where you can submit questions or attend live. 

Replays are available shortly after each call.

How are the lessons presented?

Bra d Voice Visionary Live is presented live via Zoom.

Voice Guide Creator is pre-recorded videos split into binge-sized bites, complete with captions. Downloads and links are below each section.

Office Hours are live on Zoom and recordings are uploaded to your dashboard shortly after each call.

Is additional support available?

Yes! You’ll have live access to Justin during Office Hours and your 1:1 calls where you can ask questions about your specific projects and get any support you need.

Can’t make the call? Submit your questions ahead of time. You’ll have access to all the replays.

If you have additional questions, please email Justin@BrandVoiceAcademy.com