Learn Writing Voice & Create Brand Voice Guides That Add $2,000 – $17,000+ To Any Project

Decode Voice And Unlock The Path To More Clients, Better Feedback, And Higher Copywriting Fees

The #1 Brand Voice & Voice Guide Training Workshop 


Voice Guide Academy

Master, Mirror, And Document Any Brand Voice

(and collect a pretty handsome reward)

Approach bigger clients with confidence that you’ll help them scale and they’ll no longer be the bottleneck to their own growth. Voice Guides make all the copy sound like it came from one person (even when it doesn’t) and on-board writers with zero extra training.

We are all the stewards of brand voice… not just followers of a style guide

– Ann Handley

It’s time to step up

Master Voice

Discover what “voice” actually means (it’s not some woo-woo concept that can’t be learned) and why most clients cite this as the biggest failure of their copywriters. Learning this means more repeat work.

Track & Identify

Analyze and codify any client’s “voice fingerprint” in a measurable way that eliminates vague feedback and identifies all their quirks and nuances. Cut approval times in half (or more!)

Sell A Voice Guide

Take feedback from your clients and create a comprehensive voice guide called a Codex Persona (you can charge for this process & increase your project fee while doing less work)

“I will tell you that this workshop has been the best investment I ever made. Lots of workshops I paid for and 1) never finished or 2) just didn’t get a ton of value from it – for a variety of reasons. The workshop was gold! I keep returning to it again and again and it has given me a space and a product in my area that is unique.”

Valerie Bovey Hooks


Get Paid To Learn Your Clients’ Voice

This process shows you how to document, codify, and scale any client’s writing style so you can create better copy and sell them back your research. You’ll go way beyond surface-level writing and put more muscle, tendon, life, and heart into your writing… because you’ll now understand what really makes someone’s voice unique.  

David S screenshot

Voice Guide Creator isn’t some skimpy writing course

This is the ONLY program that breaks down how to overcome most clients’ Number One Objection (writing voice) & create highly profitable Brand Voice Guides

In These Lessons You’ll Master:

  • The 3 Elements of Voice and how, like a DJ, adjusting the levels produces a completely different sound 
  • 9 Voice Types and video examples of each in action
  • Your clients’ “Kernel Content” (this critical element of their body of work is almost always overlooked — I’ll show you what it is and how to find it)
  • The one book all journalists use and how it shapes voice
  • 6 key sections of The Codex Persona and how to develop them
  • How to use artificial intelligence to analyze writing
  • 2 worksheets you can swipe and deploy instantly to get (and track) better feedback
  • How to package and pitch the Codex (we cover how to sell it if you’re an in-house writer, as an add-on service to a bigger project, and as a standalone offer)
  • Why traditional pricing models don’t work for the Codex and what to do instead
  • How to provide maximum value and warrant maximum prices (I’ll break down an actual $20,000 Codex Proposal and even let you steal it)

And how to create a brand voice from scratch — a highly desirable and profitable skill!

(Plus, it’s insanely fun!)

“I sold a voice guide before this course, but I wasn’t satisfied with the product that taught me how to create it.”

“Then I saw Justin on Copyhackers and attended the bootcamp session…

I’m halfway through the workshop now and already know I made the right decision. Thanks for putting together a great product that’s going to make copywriters like me a lot of money and help us better serve our clients.”

James Thole


Meet Your Instructors

Brand Voice Academy (formerly Codex Persona) is presented by Justin Blackman and Abbey Woodcock, two of the copywriting world’s most trusted voice experts. Together, they’ve worked with industry leaders such as Ramit Sethi, Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Agora Financial, IHG Hotels, Red Bull, Bobby Klinck, Danny Iny, Mastin Kipp, and even Frank Oz (the voice of Ms. Piggy and Yoda).

Justin Blackman

Justin Blackman

Goes Deeper On Brand Voice Than Anyone Ever Should

Abbey Woodcock

Abbey Woodcock

The O.G. Of Writing Voice Analysis

A few clients we’ve worked with…

Ramit Sethi | Jeff Walker | Amy Porterfield | Stu McLaren | Hayley Hobson

Ramit Sethi
Jeff Walker
Amy Porterfield
Stu McLaren
Hayley Hobson

There’s no one better on writing in ANY voice than Abbey and Justin.”

“I took their Codex training a few years back and have used it ever since. In a world of charlatans and scammers, they’re the real deal and what they teach you works. The science behind what they teach is rock-solid and instantly useful, without needing a PhD or getting too into the tech-weeds.

I can’t recommend this enough.

If you want a practical way to learn how to write in ANY voice, for ANY clients (and charge accordingly), please pay them anything they ask and get to work.

Sam Woods

Copy & Conversion Expert

What’s Included

  • Over 5 hours of video training (Downloads and captions of every video are included)
  • 300+ ways to describe your client’s voice and how to zero in on the only ones you need
  • Essential questions to ask to get better feedback (both before the project starts and during the edit phase)
  • A sample Codex Persona voice guide (that works with any brand or industry)
  • Rubrics you can use to evaluate any type of copy
  • The Voice Toolkit (this is all the software we use to make sure you’re nailing voice every time)
  • Sample proposals and conversations to package and sell the Codex as a service
  • Brand Voice Builder so you can create a brand voice from scratch

… Plus tips on new brand voice services you can offer to you clients.


Your enrollment in Voice Guide Creator now includes Write Like Anyone: a deep dive into mirroring any client’s writing style and helping them find their own voice. (Plus monthly office hours for additional support)


Voice Guide Academy

I’ve already created 3 guides and my clients have been astonished at how true to their voice and values it felt. They now feel confident explaining it to other people, and using thas as a guide as they bring others to create content for them.”

Gillian Hill

Copywriter, Editor, and Brand Voice Strategist

Become A Voice Guide Expert Now

Take your voice mastery (and revenue per project) to the next level with voice guides

Now includes Write Like Anyone!

Voice Guide Academy

3 Monthly Payments of $499

Join now for just 3 monthly payments of $499. You’ll learn how to create and package voice guides as a new offer that easily adds thousands of dollars in revenue to each project. Access begins immediately!


Voice Guide Academy

1 Payment of $1497

Pay in full and receive a free 1:1 bonus call to work on your guide! You’ll have a 30-minute Zoom to nail your offer, review your pricing, your voice, or your guide — and be confident you’ve got all the details locked in.


"Learning about voice lit a fire in me I haven't had for awhile and I'm really stoked to see where I can take it."

I’ve been trying to figure out how to narrow down my offerings or “niche” into something I actually want to get out of a bed for and I freakin’ love everything about what I’ve been learning so far. So, thank you so much for sharing everything in that genius brain of yours!!

-Emma Boshart


"Just got hired by a huge name client, mainly because of how I nailed his voice and writing style…"

“I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said I couldn’t have done this without you! 😊 In fact, they’ve already got me doing an assignment because they don’t feel I need most of their training!”

-Joyce Hollman

"I sold a brand voice guide to my retainer client!"

To think I almost gave it away for free 😅

-Annie Obergefell

"Endorsed, vigorously!"


-Ross O’Lachlainn

What's the difference between Write Like Anyone and Voice Guide Creator?

Write Like Anyone is a subset of Voice Guide Creator (formerly Codex Persona). You’ll learn how to analyze and mirror any voice, without creating brand voice guides. VGC includes additional sections about creating and selling a brand voice guide deliverable. 

Can I upgrade to Brand Voice Visionary after I finish this workshop?

Yes! You can easily upgrade with exclusive links in your dashboard to learn our voice guide process and get the templates.

And because this is a sub-section of Brand Voice Visionary, your purchase carries over and you’ll only pay the difference.

Is this different from your Copyhackers presentation, Master Of Brand Voice?

While there is some overlap, Voice Guide Creator goes much deeper on techniques and execution and includes how to create and sell voice guides.

Copy School alumni agree the additional lessons here are more than enough to distinguish it.

Will this help also me write for corporate brands?

Yes! While the process was originally conceived for personal brands, the frameworks and tools easily apply across every type of business.

It absolutely works for both corporate and personal brands.

How long is the workshop?

There’s 5+ hours of essential content. Watch at 1.5x speed and you’ll learn the major components in 3.5 hours.

Office hours, bonus content, and miscellaneous surprises will keep on growing. 😉

How are the lessons presented?

All the lessons are pre-recorded videos split into binge-sized bites, complete with captions. Downloads and links are below each section.

Office Hours are live on Zoom and recordings are uploaded to your dashboard shortly after each call.

Is additional support available?

Yes! You’ll have live access to Justin during monthly Office Hours where you can ask questions about your specific projects and get any support you need.

Can’t make the call? Submit your questions ahead of time. We’re very responsive.

If you have additional questions, please email Justin@BrandVoiceAcademy.com

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